December's Mini Pony Club

Well done to Mini Pony Club Members for braving the cold for our final festive meeting of 2017. We had great fun grooming, riding lessons & festive pony games. Look forward to seeing you for our first meet of 2018, Sunday 28th January 9.30am-12.30pm £25.

November's Mini Pony Club

October's Mini Pony Club

Check out the photos from a fun filled morning at October’s Mini Pony Club with member’s achieving their Mini Road Rider Achievement Badge. Super riding lessons, stable management sessions, craft making, grooming & of course the ever popular pony games. Looking forward to November’s Mini Pony Club Sunday 26th November

September's Mini Pony Club

Super morning at September's Mini Pony Club. The sun was shining, everbody rode their best & achieved their mini yard safety badge, well done. Check out the photos from a jam packed morning of; riding, grooming, craft making, stable management & the ever popular pony games practice.

August's Mini Pony Club

Grooming, craft work & horse clothing badge work at August's Mini Pony Club. Super riding by all & great pony games practice! 

July's Mini Pony Club

Fab riding lessons, badge work & crafts at July's Mini Pony Club. The chicks joined us for the colouring in! Super pony games practice in teams to round off the morning before being presented with badges. Looking forward to next month!

June's Mini Pony Club

Super morning achieving the Pony Club Poisenous Plants badge, well done everybody keep looking out for those poisenous plants. Fab riding by all both in lessons & the ever popular pony games. Looking forward to next month's Mini Pony Club, Sunday 23rd July.

May's Mini Pony Club

Check out May's fab pony games teams, super riding by all & congratulations to members for achieving their 'Field Safety' badge.

April's Mini Pony Club

Super fun filled morning at April's Mini Pony Club. Grooming, craft making & pony club badge work. Well done to all adding to their badge collection today & to those achieving their Pony Club E Test

February's Mini Pony Club

Equine Body Language

Congratulations all for achieviong your Mini Pony Behaviour Badge showing a great understanding of pony's body language & what they are telling us. Super mobie craft making & fun pony games practice. Well done!

Well ridden everybody, we loved your fab mobile crafts

Super Mini Pony Club Teams!

January's Mini Pony Club

Mini Grooming Pros

A huge WELL DONE to all achieving their Mini Grooming Badge in January.